A history of TAIOS

It started with one client asking for a better way to advertise.

S tarted in the June summer of 1996, where TAIOS was just a recommendation for help on advertising a cleaning business in Miami, Florida. Helping them spread out from the yellow pages, We had online and offline campaigns which drove more customer to their business.

So much business in fact which lead to word of mouth recommendations to most of their already existing commercial customers, who were in fact bushiness owners themselves. Once applying the usual methods of premium customer care to one client then the rest would follow in tow. All not just because of word of mouth but also quality of work and results!

From door to door, to yellow pages, websites and more.

D igital Marketing was still a new thing to many people and was not easy to convince someone to ditch 'spray & pray' method of traditional advertising. We had to use old methods along side new marketing to prove a point of measurement.

You cannot improve what you cannot measure!

Also expanding into the age of eCommerce, TAIOS had started a eBay business and opened a location in China for expansion. Lesson learned from this experience is overhead cost was draining the business and changed the company direction squarely towards digital media. Which leads us to today's operations. One of the best Digital Transformation Agencies in the world!

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